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Toys are the objects most identified with children in Western culture. This fact makes them a unique and fascinating phenomenon, but at the same time creates the misconception that these are simple objects, and accordingly, many times the discourse about toys and games is unfairly characterized by lightness or superficiality.
In practice, toys and games are a fascinating phenomenon in historical, cultural and social aspects that goes far beyond the world of children. Children's toys are objects that reflect the attitudes and beliefs of the societies that create them and the aspirations regarding future generations. In recent years, the awareness of the influence of toys on children and the world in which they will grow up in a way that connects the world of toys and games to social and environmental aspects is increasing.
In addition, today's toys and games constitute a field of activity with professional, educational, design, technological, economic and legal aspects, as can be seen from the diverse and multidisciplinary community that has formed around the center for inventing toys and the great knowledge that has accumulated alongside this community.
The blog was created, among other things, to stimulate professional and up-to-date discourse on the toy industry and aspects related to it, as well as to be a home for the extensive knowledge that has accumulated and is accumulating at the Toy Invention Center over the years in a way that will be accessible to inventors, designers, entrepreneurs, researchers and anyone interested in the rich and diverse world of the toy and game industry._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_



About the Toy Invention Center
in the department of continuing studies in Shankar

Today's ideas, tomorrow's toys...

Toys and games have accompanied us and our children since the dawn of mankind, and nowadays it is an ever more fascinating field, rich in knowledge, technology and creativity, which is also responsible for economic activity on a huge scale. 

The courses and curricula of the department in the field of developing and inventing toys and games are designed to impart knowledge, foster creativity, and give you the tools to turn ideas into products.

The studies include theory and practice, accompanied by leading professionals from the industry, and aimed at entrepreneurship.


During your studies you will meet inventors and designers, game developers and child development experts. Get to know models, methods and processes, and learn everything you need to know about the creation and commercial distribution of toys and games in the physical and digital world. 

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Photo: Ariel Medina

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