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The new blog of the center for inventing toys in Shankar is a home for knowledge, updates and discussions about toys and games. You are invited to read and be updated. Enjoy! 

Thank you Jonathan Levy & Dougal Grimes!
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Tal Schreiber, founder and director of the Toy Invention Center:


Nine years ago, the program for inventing toys was opened in Shankar. From then until today, a large and special community of people has grown here, the common denominator for all of them is the love for toys and devoting significant time to the field. Here we have inventors, designers, developers, illustrators, technologists, therapists, educators and manufacturers.

The tenth cycle of the toy invention program is upon us, and it's just the time to inaugurate Unboxing - the center's blog.

There are many stories behind the toys, and we will try to tell them from different points of time, areas of expertise and references. In the blog you will find information about events of the industry all over the world, as well as our activity schedule at the center for inventing toys in Shankar.


It seems that we will finally be able to start what we have already planned for a long time and hold diverse activities here: lectures, game nights and various workshops. Finally, we would be very happy to hear suggestions and ideas for the blog and the center, stay in touch and enjoy!

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Geometric Objects

have a fun read

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